Friday, June 12, 2009

Classic Liberal Paranoia and Outright Moonbattery

You have to see this. This made me laugh out loud. We know liberals love to play the race card whenever it suits them, while at the same time playing victim for the same reason, but this list of "reasons" why shooter James Von Brunn commiteed his crime is as valid as saying,

-Chris Matthews is responsible for violence against black homosexuals.
-Joy Behar is responsible for violence against liberal, female comedians (if you can call her that)
-Katie Couric is responsible for the beating death of Anne Pressly.
-And Kieth Olbermann is generally responsible for violence against crappy televison hosts with no logic, knowledge of history, talent or ratings.

Be sure to follow that HuffPo rant with this great article by NewsBusters' Mike Sargent.

This one article emcompasses every hyprocritical stance and projection of the left that it would take me till next Tuesday to point them all out (contrary to the left's version of "journalism" or punditry, that is not a mere excuse or laziness, it's just a fact)

While he's at it, since he seems to have all the answers on society's woes, maybe we can get Rowe to explain the origin of the universe. Speaking of the universe, people like him truly do seem to live in a multitude of alternative ones, don't they?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it so amazing that so many leftist still fail to understand who conservatives are and what we stand for. That they would try to take a tragedy such as this and politicize disgusts me to no end. Liberal logic never fails to amaze me.

12:33 pm  
Blogger Northern Exposer said...

Me neither, Kris. I will never understand where they get their logic from. Or lack there of. Don't they realize that their re-written history and distortion of facts really is worn on their sleeve and they're not fooling anybody but their own.

I just read Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto" and it quite clearly and succinctly addresses the conservative values and principles. But most of them would never read it, and the others would just claim they have. They don't know us, they never will and I wager they don't want to. They are the party of tolerance, y'know.

4:15 am  

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