Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Isn't This Guy Done?

Week after week after week, there's a news item (no thanks to the MSM) telling us of record cold spells all over the world. Recently there was snow in Saudi Arabia. SAUDI ARABIA for God's sake!
Will the MSM and Hollywood liberals (hello: Leonardo DiCaprio) pull up their stakes and go home? Will they finally admit their ignorance, pompousness and self-righteousness? Sadly, no.


Blogger Adrienne said...

No, they will NEVER admit their ignorance. They'll continue to say we're the ignorant ones. I also read the other day that some glacier in Argentina is growing bigger! And now snow in Saudi Arabia. When will that make the MSM rounds? I don't even want to think about the hypocrisy of Hollywood stars like Leo who preach about going green while living in a 10-bedroom gigantic mansion just for himself.

11:38 am  
Blogger Northern Exposer said...

Here, here!

11:41 am  

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