Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's All Over Now

All hell's going to break loose now. The Dems have their 60-seat-filibuster-proof Senate super-majority and Obama, Reid and Pelosi are surely laughing now. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The President is now going to push through everything. He's going to do it quick, he's going to do it quiet and he's going to milk all the political capital he has for as long as he can. His secrecy, radicalism and contempt for capitalism will be his undoing come 2012. He's a one-termer. He won't help enough people, if anyone, that can themselves spur the economy. He's too worried about his Socialistic-Shangra-La, nanny-state creation.
When he spends too much and the American people have really had enough, there slogan will be, "Barack Obama: No You Didn't"

Don't think their untethered power and arrogance isn't being noticed. 2010 isn't that far off and the Dems are infamous for wasting political capital and screwing the pooch. Remember 1994.

Can you believe Al Franken, AL FRANKEN!! is going to be a United States senator? Stuart frickin' Smalley!! Funny, I don't hear any libs screaming "Re-count!!" about this fiasco. I thought ACORN was supposed to take care of this. Oh wait, they probably did "take care" of Remember Bush/Gore (as if you haven't, that's why you hated the man in the first place) Rossi/Gregoire and now Franken/Coleman. The blueprints for winning a lost election after the fact.


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