Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Real Radio Hatemongers

It's not like this (you'll notice most of them come from the hateful, vitiolic, Mike Malloy) via Newsbusters isn't already common knowledge, and you don't even have to listen head-to-head to know that liberal radio "personalities" are far, far more intolerant and hateful than conservative ones; who mostly want to have intellectual discussions and inform their listeners to the lies and historical revisions of their liberal counterparts. For example, Michael Medved, as opposed to Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes or the aforementioned Mike Malloy. More over, the types of conservative radio hosts like Medved actually want more libs calling in than conservatives.

Get the full PDF Version here. If you're not either laughing hysterically or ticked off to no end because of the outright lies and the fact that the MSM challenges absolutely none of these quotes and accusations, you're not alone.

That's not to say that all liberal hosts are hateful and ignorant. For example, Alan Colmes may be a true, died-in-the-wool liberal, but at least he converses and doesn't spew out hateful rhetoric. Kirsten Powers is another one, although her most recent column in the Daily Beast is laughable. Always with the debunked, but still lied about racism charges against the right. I guess they'll keep beating that dead horse until the cows come home (which have been slaughtered a long time ago in the ugly zoo that is the liberal media)

Nothing's changed for years. The left just simply go on their radio shows (while themselves foaming at the mouth, dripping seething hatred) and television segments and say whatever they want about the right, with no one to answer to, usually receiving pats on the back from their liberal acolytes about how correct they are, with no one from the right to debate them or correct their historical and hyperbolic inaccuracies. Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw did it for years and continue to do so. Katie Couric, Brian Williams, George Stephanopolous, Matt Lauer, Dianne Sawyer and a whole slew of left-wing "journalists" continue that tradition to this day. They also have continued the tradition (since the late 90s) of losing more and more viewers.

"Despite the ravings of Schultz, Malloy, and others detailed on conservative websites for years. The national media only takes an interest when they perceive something outrageous from Limbaugh, Beck, Mark Levin, and so on. Why? The MRC feels that it’s a case of bias, and that’s certainly a part of it, but it’s more than that. The libtalkers highlighted in this report have almost no impact on politics, while the impact of Limbaugh is massive, especially in comparison. Most people wouldn’t know these names at all, especially Malloy, who gets about half of the quotes in the report.
Hardly anyone listens to the libtalkers. The combined radio audience of Malloy, Schultz, and Williams would not equal a fifth of Limbaugh’s reach, if that. Montel Williams can get away with telling a mother of 23 to kill herself because the only people listening are Williams’ family and the MRC."

But, it's all good, because just like television, liberals get destroyed in the ratings on radio (as well as the book market) then of course lie about the ratings to cover for their dismal listening audience that just keeps on dwindling.

The most laughable part (if it wasn't so enraging) is that these liberal hosts and their buddies in the media don't even acknowledge that these attitudes and comments exist on the left. If and when they do (by some act of God) it's excused; normally because "the right does it worse."
Uh huh.


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