Monday, September 20, 2010

Disgraced Helen Thomas to recieve Lifetime Achievement Award from C.A.I.R.

That's C.A.I.R, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, you know the front of an organization that has indicted "Palestinian," Saudi and other Middle East terror-supporters on their board. Members that have been indicted (some convicted) on terror financing and of hate-speech spewing imams. Giving a Jew-hater like Thomas an award is par for their course.

This of course, doesn't surprise me or anyone else that has followed, or is the least bit aware of the anti-Semetic Thomas's career and opinions. Just listen to any of her White House briefing room questions or typical columns over the last few decades. This was not a new thing for "her." It just goes to show that you can make a long, established career out of being hateful, biased, Jew hater; and then get rewarded for it.


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