Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hillary Takes the Blame for Benghazi

The wheels of the bus go round and round.

Since it took FOX News to force the MSM to even look into the Benghazi debacle in the first place, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has chosen to put herself under the bus in hopes of minimalizing the damage done to the incompetent and ineffectual President of the United States by claiming that "she and she alone was responsible for the terrorist attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other American diplomats even though it is the duty of the Commander-in-Chief to be informed of the events of the day and to keep his underlings in line, thus he’s ultimately responsible for security in Benghazi,
that's not what Hillary said in 2008.
Blame, ignorance, petulance, hypocrisy and incompetence.  What else will it take to convince left-wing dough-heads that this president has no idea what he's doing?

UPDATE:  In the second presidential debate going on right now as I type these words, President Obama has in fact taken responsibility for the Benghazi attack (although it still doesn't excuse the fact it did indeed take him 14 days to switch from pathetically blaming a insignificant independent (and awful) YouTube film or a "spontaneous" attack that his administration lied about as well as completely allowed the farce to be perpetuated by the U.N, who in turn lied to the world and once again apologized to terrorists)

(CANDY) CROWLEY: Because we’re — we’re closing in, I want to still get a lot of people in. I want to ask you something, Mr. President, and then have the governor just quickly.
Your secretary of state, as I’m sure you know, has said that she takes full responsibility for the attack on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi. Does the buck stop with your secretary of state as far as what went on here?

OBAMA: Secretary Clinton has done an extraordinary job. But she works for me. I’m the president and I’m always responsible, and that’s why nobody’s more interested in finding out exactly what happened than I do.


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