Monday, January 07, 2013

Piers Morgan: Asshole Extrordinaire

Anybody who has read this blog for any extended period of time knows I try to refrain from expletives.  I either find some better synonym or simply use the old tried and true "comic strip" version such as "@#%!" for example.

But when it comes to Piers Morgan, the former host of useless "reality" television show, Britain's Got Talent and current host of Piers Morgan Tonight, who took over the Larry King slot on CNN, he's quite simply an anti-American asshole.  There's just no other way to explain this goof.  It's one thing to debate the merits or negatives of the Constitution, it's quite another to tell citizens of a country you are simply a guest of that those citizens are "unbelievably stupid" to believe and defend in the hallmarks of the amendments and rights of that constitution.  This, much like President Obama who called for civility after the shooting of Rep. Gabriel Giffords (by indirectly blaming the shooting on the Republicans in general and Sarah Palin in particular) then blamed people who "clinged to their bibles and guns," before telling his supporters, "if they [Republicans] bring a knife to the fight, we'll [Democrats] bring a gun!"  Proving their hypocrisy and double standard which Morgan is faithfully following.  Speaking of faith.  Morgan claims to be a Christian, yet chastises every single thing that Christians are blamed for (usually unjustly) and does not defend his own supposed faith when Atheists, haters and the left-wing anointed "tolerant" disgustingly misrepresent the Bible in general and Christianity in particular.  Not exactly a spokesmen for the faithful.

To tell a guest on his show (filled with heavily fellow liberal and anti-American foreigners as panellists) that has vastly more experience in gun crime numbers (in both America and Britain) that he is a liar and "quit peddling these lies.  You did it last week") is vastly ignorant, unprofessional and simply repugnant.

The left is always going on about not interfering in other countries affairs, yet when they are heralded as some sort of expert and given their own television show to bloviate their outdated, everything anti-American, left-wing, opinion-of-the-day rhetoric, they are somehow experts in everything  Along with perennial America hater Christine Amanpour (who famously had a "townhall" type panel to discuss the erection of a victory mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero in Manhattan, New York-again, as lefties love to do there was virtually no opposition to the insulting and insensitive building of such a symbol of the terrorism.  As much as it may not be, that's what the families and friends of the victims of 9/11 portray it as-where was the lefts sensitivity to that insult and offensiveness?  There was even a comment by the former Cat Stevens, aka Yousef Islam, who said that America had 9/11 coming and didn't feel any regret or sympathy for the nearly 3000 innocent victims.  Again, a comment that went unchallenged by the liberal panel) Morgan is lauded for being intelligent because he has an accent.  Seriously, why in the world does someone who has no journalistic experience, clearly can not stand the long-standing laws and traditions of their host country (where they make a pretty good living  I might add) and instinctively insult anyone that doesn't agree with them put on pedestals.  Are you surprised that this is and always has been the left-wing way?

Alinsky lives, folks.

Now Morgan, that bastion of Constitutional authority is crying foul on anybody who supports the second amendment.  One of many amendments that made America the freest country in the history of mankind.  But, yep, as usual (although history repeatedly dictates otherwise) the left knows best.  All hail Piers Morgan!  Asshole.


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