Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From the Sky is Falling to Nothing to See Here

Remember when the Democrats and left-wing media tried with all of their might to scare Americans (and the GOP) into believing the country would implode with discretionary budget cuts that would force air-traffic control towers to close, children wouldn't get their immunizations, seniors wouldn't get their vital medicine and/or starve?  Oh, and remember how it would all be the Republicans fault?  Well, the sequester time limit came and went and guess what?  The sky hasn't fallen.

Oh, the MSM tried.  Oh how they tried, to scare every single American into believing another economic collapse would happen if only the big, bad, evil Republicans (who are the purveyors of everything bad that has happened in America for the last 60 or so years-at least!) would have fallen in line, the repercussions of this collapse could have, maybe, possibly... been worse?  At least that's what the media was not only preparing you for, but actively hoping on it.  Anything to protect the "credibility" of their current celebrity president.  Of course to protect President Obama's razor-thin fables and over-the-top rhetoric, the media had to double-down on exactly what Obama wanted them to.

Now that the truth has once again stymied the lefts plan of fear-mongering, the media is mum about the whole affair.  Other than of course, protecting Obama's willfully false narrative even after the fact.


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