Monday, May 20, 2013

How Crazy Is He Now?

Just to play devil's advocate, everybody (including many on the right, and to a lesser extent, myself) says that Glenn Beck is a complete loon.  He's simply crazy for saying President Obama is a Muslim.  He's crazy for saying Obama and Dianne Fienstein, et all want to take away your guns.  He's crazy for saying Obama is a racist.  He's crazy for saying all of it.  But yet with this triple-threat of scandals coming within the last couple of weeks (Benghazi of course not being one of them, because there's "no proof" that Obama or Clinton knew anything about requests for added security) pointed directly at the White House, the Department of Justice and Eric Holder, and the IRS, Beck points out the playbook for the "fundamental transformation of America."

Of course with White House spokesman and spin-doctor Dan Pfeiffer declaring everything with these scandals "irrelevant," ol' Glenn is still bat-sh*t crazy and the left will see to it that he stays that way.  But is he really?  Is Beck to be fitted with a dinner jacket with extra long sleeves?  Right now I don't know.

Glenn Beck aside, how much more proof do you need that Barack Hussein Obama is quickly and distinctly turning into (or at the very least being exposed as) a third-world dictator?


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