Sunday, June 09, 2013

But Isn't That Racist?

President Obama said in his recent radio address to the nation that the proposed "Gang of Eight" immigration bill would include a provision that would require new people to the country to learn English.

Well, aside from the contradictory message that the president and his party claims requiring non-English speaking immigrants learn the language is closet racism, didn't he not that long ago put forth the idea that not only Latino people (children especially) should not have to bother learning English, but that American parents should make sure that their children learn Spanish.  Not a bad idea in and of itself.  I mean I wouldn't mind knowing a second, third or even fourth language.  But that's not what Obama was representing.  He was clearly pandering to his base and moreover was putting the onus on the parents to bow to the whims and wants of people barely in the country for a cup of coffee.

Remember this?

Is anyone on the left ever going to call this guy on his flops and confusing rhetoric?  Take note.  This is what  happens when you depend on scripts to deliver every publicly-spoken word.


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