Thursday, February 06, 2014

Imperial President?

Since his State of the Union adress in which he said he'd bypass Congress "wherever and whenever" he can, Barack Obama has said to Hell with the Constitution and he's going to do things his way.

If it isn't crystal clear by now that Barack Obama is a Marxist with his love of corruption and Saul Alynski tactics to divide, lie and conquer (and then lie some more) is the most corrupt American politician in generations (if not ever) you need your head examined.  Is it because we're all so used to him by now that his malfeasence is just the norm?

The Science-Christian Monitor spells out (a little late the game perhaps) just what Obama wants and how he plans to get it.

By the way, where all the "concerned" citizens that lashed out at George W. Bush for going into Iraq?  You know, after he got permission from Congress like law-abiding presidents are required by law to do.  He got permission on something, supposedly, no one wanted him to do, yet this guy is bypassing Congress every chance he gets and no one says boo.
Interesting isn't it?


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