Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Told You

Well, as stated in an earlier blog, I told you the left-wing media would try and claim that the U.S. military either had planted WMDs in Iraq, or with reports that they indeed have been found, would deny their existence all together. This report, you may notice, has no author, it's main source is the anonymous kind and the dateline is from of all places, Tehran, Iran. Not that it matters much (if it turns out to be true) but what did you expect, the drive-by media to admit they were wrong and the Bush administration was right? Now the liberal sour-grape sucking media whores are claiming that the weapons that "weren't found" just aren't the WMDs that THEY led the public to believe the U.S. and coalition forces were searching for. Which is it? Were they not found, or they just "not the right ones"?

Another item, although admittedly theroretical, has an idea of what happened to the rest of the WMDs that weren't mentioned in the original reports of found weapons. Yet another piece informs us that the sound of silence is indeed deafening.

Don't you find it thoroughly disgusting that the MSM, along with the far-left liberal Democrats, will do absolutely anything and everything (paging Dan Rather, Newsweek) to undermine President Bush and put American and allied soldiers in harm's way?

And just for fun here's an item from Jim Lacey from the National Review Online, dated May 15, 2003 that (time will tell) is curiously close to what may actually have happened to Hussein's WMDs that are "yet to be found."

It'll be interesting to see where all this liberal back-tracking and Democratic pandering will lead. I assume down Wonderland Ave. and Neverland Dr.

Stay tuned, it's not over yet.


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