Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin to Resign

Sarah Palin is to resign as Alaska governor come July 26. Most of the left and fellow naysayers and haters will be dancing and laughing for joy. Once again, they have no grasp of history or what what the American people are drawn to.

Do you really think the MSM is telling you the truth when there's not a single conservative voice on Good Morning America, Today, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, CNN, etc. Of course they'll tell you "she couldn't handle it," or "political pressure got to her."
The truth is, it wasn't all that long ago when the liberal media paid no nevermind to one Ronald Reagan. He was dismissed as old, irrelevant, unintelligent (funny, he was quite suave and brilliant before he left the Democrat Party) and to "outside the mainstream." Yeah, they kind of swallowed it on that one. Sarah Palin is another example of history repeating itself, and the left refusing or are unwilling to take heed. Wait until 2012, when the House and Senate House of Cards comes tumbling down around the Dems and their arrogant, untouchable mindset.

Simply put, Palin is Reagan in a skirt. She embodies all the core conservative values that Liberals fear, but are the same principles that allowed Reagan to preside over the biggest and longest uninterrupted economic growth in the history of the nation. To this day. I defy the left to deny that. Oh, they can lie about it, they can have their Paul Baglias and Keith Olbermanns trying to publicly distort history and they can have their Fifth Column of Socialist and Communist university professors lie and indoctrinate young Americans (and Canadians for that matter) but it's in the vault now. It's etched in stone. They can say what hey want, they can have people like Michael Moore and And Al Franken write (bad) books that perpetuate the myths of the left's agenda, but the simple fact is, the man defeated communism and the "Evil Empire" that was the Soviet Union (soon to have that nation dissolve) he had a tremendous influence on the Berlin Wall coming down and he brought Solidarity to Poland with the undeniable help of Lech Wałęsa, Margret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. The media tried and tried to deny Reagan any credit at all. "It was the tireless effort of Walesa that made this happen." Yes it was. But with out Ronald Reagan's backing (to wit: America's backing) and a very important and historic speech made by the Pope, Walesa would not have gone, literally, from 1,200 supporters to 100,000 almost overnight. But, every step of the way, the press was on Reagan to "not interfere," don't be "imperialistic." Jeez. Can't the left come up with a new argument, or at least a new lie, every 20 years or so?

But anyways, that's what she's up against. That's what she'll continually be up against. No matter how good, talented, or smart she is, she will be hated, insulted, lied about and just simply lambasted by the press. But she's up for it. She's strong and determined. She resigned not because she "couldn't handle it." No, she resigned because she is going to focus on her family in the short term, go on an upcoming book tour, speaking engagements, fund-raisers; including her own "SarahPac" for her run in 2012. Not enough experience? Before November of 2008, I would have dinged her for that myself, but who was that guy who came out of nowhere from the thug-politics of Chicago that had no experience in anything that manipulated the media to go to sleep and not do their jobs in exposing this empty suit and conned his way into the White House? Gee, I wish I could remember his name...

In any event, what a number of pundits have stated and even more Libs have choked-laughed at (forgetting who they just endorsed-actually they didn't forget, the rules just don't apply to them) is that what she doesn't know, she can learn. What she does know (energy, principles) she can't be touched on. The Liberal Democrats know this, the media know this and she know this. Doesn't the fact that she has all the "experts" and pundits running in circles, trying to explain why she did it and what she'll do next a little telling that she has them in the palm of her hand? Doesn't that alone tell you she knows how to keep them guessing? They can use their intolerance, hatred and fear of a "Palin Revolution" to dictate what to think and regurgitate left-wing lies to try to destroy her and her family, but America sees through it. Just because the left owns the vast majority of the media in America, doesn't mean Americans (or the reat of the world for that matter) buys into it. Want proof? Check the latest ratings on the network and cable news. Who's ahead and who's been discredited?

I don't know exactly when she'll make her move, but you'll know it when the left's vitriol and armchair pundits start to convulse in unison.


Blogger Adrienne said...

Absolutely beautiful post. Bravo!! Reagan in a skirt - I love it. You're right on all points.

3:42 pm  
Anonymous The Anarchist said...

Ok seriously. People who like Palin need a kick the head! Reagen in a skirt?? OMG!

11:44 pm  
Blogger Northern Exposer said...

Ok, seriously, people that just believe MSNBC talking points and falesies should learn to actually listen to what she has to say.

Reagan in a skirt? Absolutely. A little digging about history will show that the MSM did exactly to him what they're doing to her.

Once again, if she's such a nonthreat to the liberal establishment and their "progressive" (like anything they do can even remotely be described as progress make me laugh out loud)agenda, why the continuous attacks? Didn't she already lose? Isn't she supposed to be a non-factor?

So what do you know about her? Not the liberal-hating media that are so objective that they attack her family kind of info, but what you know to be undeniable fact?

In other words, tell me where I'm wrong.

Isn't it amazing (and I mean astronomically speaking) that every Republican is a "dumb hick" while every Democrat is brilliant? Wow. What are the odds?

3:12 am  
Anonymous The Anarchist said...

So let me get this striaght. It's ok for the media to bash Obama talking about him being affiliated with terrorists. Etc, etc. The personal bashing of Obama based on his name and background. Mmm sounds to me like a little prejudice is in there. The bias bullshit is exactly why nothing is getting done. Both parties are to blame! Why can't you understand that?! And you know what? Why don't you worry about what's going on in your own back yard. You ostracized people about not being "Canadian" enough, because they don't watch the CFL or they're not hardcore into hockey. Can we say Hypocrit?? How come you haven't posted anything about the CUPE strike? Oh that's right you're from Winnipeg.

All in all. It doesn't matter who is in power! They're only going to do what's best for them and that's it!!!!!

1:01 am  
Anonymous The Atheistic Anarchist said...

Secondly. I never once said Democrats were brilliant. I want a government that is for same sex marriage, legalize marijuana, work for the people! Not for themselves! Do away with Christian law in politics. Do what is right!

Yes I hope there will be a revolution soon. But a real one! Not a Palin one.


1:09 am  
Blogger Northern Exposer said...

Ok, you're all over the place aren't you?

First off, name one time-ONE, when the media attacked Obama for ANYTHING?? Second, newsflash: He DID associate with terrorists (Ayers) and continues to do so.
Third,if both parties are to blame (and there was no blame to give until the economy bailed when the Dems took over Congress (check it out and deny it if you will) why don't you condemn the Dems, which you never do. Talk about following blindly. Palin is against Gay marriage (and sorry to tell you, so is the majority of the population in North America-yes, including Mexico. Why? because most latinos are unabashedly Christian) and you don't like her, yet so is Obama and you find no fault with him (until recently to your credit-but only then when the media apparently said it was ok to)

Fourth, I've told you on numerous occaisions that canadian politics are b-o-r-i-n-g. And like I told another commentor when he tried to dictate what I put on my blog, I'll post what I want, when I want.
Moreover, what does a regional Windsor story have to do with this Palin thread?

I can say hypocrisy and I can spell it ,too Ha Ha! So as to that point, Palin-no gay marriages, Obama, no gay marriages. Yet no disliking of Obama, hmm...

But otherwise, good nonsensical post.

1:35 pm  
Blogger Northern Exposer said...

By calling all Republicans "hicks,' it goes without saying you believe that Democrats are all worthy of our admiration, therefore they MUST be briliant, right? You wouldn't capitulate to idiots, would you?

Gay marriage rights (not equal rights, mind you, but special ones) legalization of marijuana? Liberal talking points, both. And if you think the government should work for the people, you're right. But how do you work for the people if you tax the hell out of them and leave a debt to your children's children? Bush deficit was 1.6% since 2006. Obama's is 16% since January. defend that if you can. The New Deal didn't work in the past and it won't work again. Libs love to not only re-write history (such as the myth the New Deal actually brought the U.S. out of the depression, when in fact it was WWII) but they love to throw money at everything, thinking that solves everything and try things that have failed miserably in the past just with different rhetoric about it.

Finally. Interesting you said you would like to see a revolution, which are historically violent and bloody affairs, then you sign off with "peace." Interesting.

Have you heard about what happened in France and Russia during their little revolutions?

2:23 pm  

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