Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Radical Islam?

Say what you will about whether or not a Mosque should be built near Ground Zero. But to take that current debate and use it to say that people's misgivings or even misconceptions about it are the result of paranoia, is to say the least, laughable.
Time magazine's Deputy Managing Editor (so you know they all "ooh'd and ahh'd" at this screed inside the Time newsroom) Romesh Ratnesar, has seen fit to tell everyone that has even remotely heard of the events of 9/11 that there is no radical Islam. Or at least it's really no longer a threat.
I have no idea how one could be so passive and/or naive.
And for the last time, when will the pacifists and bleeding Romesh Ratnesar: epitome of ignorance hearts understand that this whole deal isn't about whether a Muslims have a "right", or should be "allowed" to build a mosque. It is about and always has been about whether they should build one so close to the grave of some 2700+ people. The families and friends (and those of us with a shred of decency) are supposed to be the ones who should be sensible and have apathy?

While Ratnesar's summation about al Qaeda may be and indeed is true, what could that possibly have to do with a mosque going up (or not) in downtown Manhattan?

It certainly doesn't mean the threat of radical Islam is completely eradicated. Indeed, like cancers that go into remission, it can spring back with a vengeance after suffering losses in a given period of time.
But Ratnesar seems to think the worst is over and that the way to beat radical Islam is to pretty much "move on" from the issue.

How ignorance is supposed to be bliss I'll never know.

By comparison to Ratnesar (who's an Indian) check out this piece by Abd Al-Rahman al-Rashid, diretor of Al-Arabiya, an Arab TV station director; who says that Muslims "never asked for, nor care about [the] construction" of a Muslim prayer center next to Ground Zero.

Who's advice would you take more seriously?


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