Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ed Schultz Rally...FAIL!!

Not that everybody didn't totally expect this, but remember when MSNBC's Sgt. "Burn this place to the ground" Schultz guarenteed he could gather more people than Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally? He claimed he could "do that?" That he could "easily" gather at least the same as Beck did. Or that he could get "Leo Gerard, I could get the Service Employees International Union, I could get AFSCME, I could get all these--I guarantee you, I could do more than 300,000! It ain't a big deal!"

Well, now that Schultzy had his little rally, how will he spin this so that he is free to come up with any little excuse as to why his rally was the collasul failure that it was. As I said, totally expected.
Did he really think he was going top Beck? And how much will he lie about it?

Of course, the liberal media is already spinning on Schultz's behalf by (predictably) downplaying Beck's numbers and enbellishing the Sarge's. But at the same time, other lefty journolistas are making lame excuses.

Again. Predictably pathetic.


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