Saturday, July 21, 2012

ABC Blames Tea Party for Colorado Shooting

Leave it to the MSM and especially that of ABC to ignore journalistic integrity and research before getting the facts. In their usual rush to judgment to blame anything violent conservatives in general and the Tea Party in particular (while pretty much ignoring all the factual and documented violence surrounding the Occupy movement which they promote so much) Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos seemingly eagerly blamed a member of the Colorado Tea Party that had the unfortunate same name of the Aurora movie theatre shooter.  It doesn't even matter that Ross later corrected himself on the broadcast and even later apologized, this is the status quo motive of the mainstream media that, fortunately,  more and more people are waking up to.  Of course there will always be the sheep who believe everything they see and hear on the networks because "it's the news," but from the disgustingly transparent Andrea Mitchell to the Obama-bowing Brian Williams of NBC, these people will never stop even though they've been exposed time and time again.

Even Jon Stewart, to his credit,  had to call them out on their amateur hour

What will it take for these buffoons to find some integrity?


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