Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bachmann Off Her Rocker Again

Republican Representive Michelle Bachmann is on the hotseat again as she is being accused of playing politics for fundraising at best and anti-Muslim at worst.  Based on "intellectual influence," Frank J. Gaffney Jr., the president of the Center for Security Policy, who has been publicly outed as a radical by several Republicans over past baseless accusations, Bachman has said a Congressional investigation should be conducted into Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff  Huma Abedin about Abedin's possible involvement of radical Islamic infiltration into the United States government through the Muslim Brotherhood.

Although it is true that "the State Department and Mrs. Clinton took actions 'that have been enormously favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood and its interests,'" does Bachmann and Gaffney really believe the Secret Service would have let such an "obvious Islamic influence" get national security clearence, not to mention get up close and personel to a former First Lady and current Secretary of State?  How ridiculously idiotic one have to be?

But that being said and as crazy as this conspiracy theory by Bachman may seem and given her past accusations and, let's face it, this woman is a stone throw away from being 100% batshit crazy, she probaly should go away and just leave the semi-sane politicians continue to smear each other with other unfounded accusations per usual, one must remember that as unethical as Senator Joseph McCarthy was, he was absolutely right in the end that there were communist elements in the U.S. goverment in the 1950s.

There's going to be oh so more to this.


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