Saturday, July 14, 2012

End of Story

With all the fact-checkers (even  left-leaning ones) telling us that Mitt Romney had absolutely nothing to do with his former company Bain Capital shipping resources overseas, the Obama administration still continues the lie-not the misguided information or mistake, but full-on LIE that Romney continued to not only head Bain as its CEO, but moreover, had a hand in those decisions to move those resources and jobs.  Despite this, Obama and his people continue to not only correct the record and stop assailing Romney with this smear, but Obama continues to give the babe of the woods routine as if he's innocent in all of this and has no hand in such dishonest ad campaigns that have been airing.  The so-called most brilliant and honest president ever and his transparent campaign should be ashamed.  But of course that would be asking a liberal to be honest.

On CNN's Anderson 360, host Anderson Cooper, reporter John King and CNN political analyst David Gergen tell us what disgraces like Andrea Mitchell won't. 

As King pointed out, this is all a dog and pony show for the media to help Obama talk about anything but his failed economy.  Also, Gergen brought up, seemingly disappointed by the sound of his voice, is this what Obama promised when he promised the end of smear tactics and "politics as usual."  Something else Obama seems all too happy to forget about.


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