Monday, July 09, 2012

Obamedia Continues to Lie for Their Deity

Who says the the left-wing media is anti-religion?  Aside from their unapologetic praying at the alter of global warming, the (ever-so-out-of) mainstream media continues the mandate of lying to the masses with false narratives and selective editing.  Today it's Vanity Fair's Nicholas Shaxzon
thoroughly re-hashing of the disgraced Dan Rather's School of Journalism ethos by airing the false story that Mitt Romney has broken tax laws.  To her credit CNN's Carol Costello didn't do the usual MSM sit-back-and-let-the-liberal-guest-make-any-accusation.  She did question the unbased assumption.

I'm pretty sure the the rest of the MSM will have no problem in rushing to pile on this already mountain of misinformation.  CNN will probably admonish Costello for actually challenging a liberal when they jump on this false narrative bandwagon down the road.


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