Monday, July 09, 2012

Left Wing Obama Apologies and Hypocrisy Carries On

Being the spectacular hypocrites and harbors of misinformation and down right lies that they are, MSNBC hosts are at it again.  After incredulously stating that "we know that jerking around its readers with wrong information seems to be the business model of a lot of conservative media,"  Chris Hayes once again, like all the other geniuses that make up that low-rated joke of a "network" went on to pile on to the B.S. cadre of misinformation by saying the following:

"We know that in the U.S., total taxes as a percentage of GDP are the lowest they've been in 50 years and the top marginal rate is the lowest it's been in nearly 20 years. After World War II, corporate tax revenues represented 40 percent of total federal revenue. Today, they are less than 8 percent. We know, in other words, that no matter what his most unhinged critics say, Barack Obama is most certainly no socialist."

Nevermind Obama's selling out to the unions at the expense of the taxpayers that includes the middle class that the left claims to champion, or giving "stimulus" money to to car companies that should have failed, then becoming the defacto owners of said companies, not to mention the famous creed of "spread the wealth," which should say it all, and any other near-daily socialist endeavours this president forces on the nation, with much of it being secretive and by-passing the checks and balances of Congress, but this claim by Hayes is so transparent it only takes a few moments of Googling to debunk this laugh-fest.

The tax rates of the "one percent" that the left loves to demonize (without informing their followers that those mocking the rich for not "paying their fair share" are indeed heavily within that group themselves) have not only paid their fair share, but have been doing it within those last 50 years the socialist left-wing blood-suckers love to quote.

Micheal Medved's piece at The Daily Beast entitled "The Democrats' Big Tax Lie" sums it up.

Leave it top the left and especially the ignoramouses at The Mess to screw with people trying to make sense out of economic history


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