Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama Cares Not About Policy As Much As Wanting to Be A Better Storyteller

On Friday, President Obama pretty much admitted what everybody other than his minions and apologists already knew.  That he really doesn't care all that much about policy. 
While being interviewed by Charlie Rose, the president actually said, "The mistake of my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. And that's important. But, you know, the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people."

The nature of the office is to tell a story to the American people?  Well, has told a few stories all right.  More than a few whoppers in fact, but isn't the nature of the office of the President of the United States to lead, to instill confidence in the people and the country?  Isn't it to protect the people and the constitution?
Better messaging?  Hasn't he had more than ample time to get his Marxist message across?  "Spread the wealth?"  "The rich have to pay more of their fair share?"  "Bring a knife to a gunfight?"  That's all he's done.  It's no secret, although heavily denied by his supporters, that he's been campaigning from 2007 to today.  The mainstream media has given him every opportunity and then some to get his "message" across, including throwing him marshmallow ball questions, allowing him to disparage his opponents any way he sees fit, twisting history to his benefit and anything else to score political points with his base.  When he himself has failed to convince the public at large that he's "the one we've been waiting for," he says Americans just don't understand.  Other than totally insulting voters with comments like that, he has had others attempt to get his message across for him.  Everyone on the left from media members that are too numerous to mention to uninformed and elitist Hollywood celebrities to independent filmmakers.

I think Obama's real problem here, other than not being a good leader and good communicator (otherwise why would Jay Carney and the MSM repeatedly have to "clarify" the president's statements?  Why would he be second-guessing his messages?) is that the people actually do understand his message and just don't like it.  As many times that he has invoked his fail-safe excuse of mentioning that he inherited an economy from George W. Bush (as Bush inherited a recession from Bill Clinton despite popular liberal myths to the contrary-Bush never blamed his predecessor, not one time) he's had almost four full years as president to fix the situation as he had promised multiple times.  If this guy had a real job and kept blaming his predecessor as much as he has as president while still not getting the job done, no employer in his right mind would keep him around for another week, much less another four years.  It's done every day in business, in sports, in life.  If you can't do the job, you're out the door.

Obama knows he can't sell his version of America's economic troubles, so he wants to tell more stories.  That may entertain his sycophants and apologists, but in no way will it create jobs or stimulate economic growth, no matter who he blames and how much he does it.


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