Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sarge Shows His Racism Some More

Probably the biggest white race-baiter on the deplorable MSNBC, Sgt. Ed Schultz showed a little bit more of his true colors.  Oh, he championed a black woman in Michelle Obama all right, but c'mon, is anybody seriously going to tell me that wasn't just an afterthought?  The wife of the Democrat's token president ?  A way to disguise his contempt for blacks, but still seem all so "progressive?"  I mean in the world of liberal-think, he also championed Hillary Clinton, you know, a woman that lived in Arkansas.  A southern state.  And we all know how racist those Southerners are, especially the Democrat ones.  Plus it's just another chance for him and his network of haters to just smear a intelligent, classy, self-made conservative woman.  Oh wait.  She didn't build her career.  I forgot. 
Moreover, does Michelle Obama need yet another reason to take a vacation?  Couldn't you just see her on the green or in the clubhouse ordering people around?  "Do you know who I am?  Do you know who my husband is (for now) Do you know what I can do to you?"  Etc.

By the way, isn't his two choices, Obama and Clinton, um, also rich woman?  Duh, I think so.  Why does NBC continue to hire or keep these con artists (not to mention ratings killers?)  Seriously, why?
More importantly, and thanks to a commentor at the end of this story, what does Ed care about "women's issues," as I was reminded as I read their comment (and I can't believe I forgot about this) didn't Schultzy go to court for some "domestic" issues with his wife?

But poor, foolish, irelevent Ed isn't the only racist on the left side of the political media isle (again, if I am supposed t think and argue like a moonbat liberal) those over at the The Nation are pretty quick to dismiss a black woman as a member at Augusta as well.

Yeah, anyways, Ed Schultz is a racist goof, complete idiot and woman hater.
Wow.  It's pretty easy to think like a liberal.  No effort at all, really.


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