Friday, August 17, 2012

Predictable: After Family Research Council Shooting Left Wing Media Memory Subdued on Hate Blame

Right after the very recent Aurora, Colorado shootings, the left-wing MSM were quick as always to immediately place the blame on "right wing hate" without even knowing all the facts.  But now that a shooter has gone to a place that is more or less a right-wing think tank and actually told a security guard before shooting him, "I hate your politics," that same left-wing media is careful to make associations and place the hate label so quickly.
Brent Bozell tells the tale more succinctly.

On a not-so related story that same Democrat-loving media is quick to appease Vice-President Joe Biden's sensitive "chains" remarks . The same type of gaffe that (is apparently not as bad as a Mitt Romney one) would be all over the news if Biden were a "hateful" Republican.  But it seems the media is not willingly going along with Biden's people trying to edit stories on his "7-11-type" remarks, but allegedly aren't really opposed to the idea either. 
The Republican-hating, race-baiting Al Sharpton would normally be bouncing off the walls crying racism if these came from anyone not associated with Barack Obama, and it looked like he may have gone that way...until he remembered he was dealing with Obama's Vice-President.


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