Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Gay Answer to Chic-A-Fil Event Flops, Media Mum After Promoting It

It's one thing to plan an event in response to one person's opinion, belief or public comment.  It's quite another to label those personal comments (that, as it turns out are shared by thousands of people in that zip code alone) as hateful, then planning an event in response to show how wrong that comment (and follow-up support) is.  But when such a responsive event is promoted by all three networks and that event fizzles, isn't it the job to report the meager outcome of said event by the same media that happily promoted it.  Well, no.  Apparently not.

Puts me in the mind of MSNBC's Ed Schultz and his failed anti-Tea Party rally that he then said was successful and even outdrew the much, much immensely more crowd-filled response to Glenn Beck's pro-Tea Party rally a couple of years ago.  Just as those failures were lied about and then attempted again, with the same dismal failure, the happy people are going to try and lift the business of Starbucks. so the media can in one voice scream victory.

I've said it before, to quote a line, "When the myth becomes legend, print the legend."  Or in this case and I'm sure many more to follow, when the outcome isn't what you hoped for, just forget it.  And at worst, censor or destroy it.


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