Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Left Wing Media Scramble to Sieze Romney in Gotcha Moment

So begins another round of the desperate liberal media and their childish "I know you are but what am I" defense of an obviously gotten President Barack Obama and his recent "you didn't make that happen" attack on hard-working self-made businesses.

Now the MSM has gone back to 2002 to try and show not only Romney as a hypocrite but that he actually (somehow) said the same thing to Olympic athletes in his speech at the opening ceremonies of the winter games that year.'s Domenico Montanaro penned an article decrying Romney pointing out the president's "the government is your friend" blunder .  It's not surprising that an Obama apologist would look for anything to save face for Das Wunderkind, even a ludicrous playground tit-for-tat argument.  It's not even all that surprising that Montanaro would stretch so far as to use straw-man tactics to convince Obama sheep that he didn't either say what he really said, or that he's right and that the government is never an impediment to business, but that it's quite the exact opposite, it's a total enabler and a must for businesses to succeed.

Problem is, one, Romney was clearly advocating for citizens helping each other without having to rely on government assistance.
Two,  Obama didn't say "You didn't build that ALONE." And Romney didn't say "Someone else MADE that happen."
Three, Montenaro, and of course Obama sycophants at MSNBC, really want people to buy the argument that Olympic amateur athletes really have anything but a choice but to adhere to government rules and regulations if they want funding for their sport and their own training?  How can anyone with a thimble full of brains actually compare money-making business ventures that are usually the objects of government interference to amateur sports that are contingent on government money?


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