Thursday, August 02, 2012

Chick-fil-A Presidents Comments Show Left's Intolerence and Hypocrisy Yet Again

With the recent comments by Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy, liberals and leftists once again have exposed their own intolerance to someone else's beliefs and opinions.  Cathy had no sooner publicly opined his objections to same-sex marriage when the left predictably in unison jumped all over him and the fast-food chain as homophobic and intolerant.  Funny, but organizing a boycott (that has seemed to have failed miserably) of a business because of an executives statement about his or her's deep-seeded beliefs seem the epitome of intolerance of ones First Amendment rights. 

Of course no one on the left is crying bloody murder about the the Occupy crowd exorcising their First Amendment rights of peaceful demonstration (although they have clearly shown that they have absolutely no understanding of the word "peaceful") while boycotting and trying to upset the daily routines of corporate businesses.  It's only when the lefts fragile little sensibilities are messed with do they don the mask of righteousness and despair to take to the streets.  And much like the Occupy movement, when they find themselves in the minority about this (just because the MSM use the famous "most Americans" line in an attempt to sway people to their bias beliefs doesn't make it true-as voters in even some of the most liberal states in the union championing traditional marriage attest to) they cry about how their opponents are "out of touch," or "out of the mainstream."  Not given an instant of thought that they may be the ones who are not in the majority of societies social issues.

Larry Elder has further points on the lefts ever-present, but always dismissed hypocrisy.


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