Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Federal Court: Obama Amin. Interfered in New Black Panthers Case

Did anyone really not see this coming?  Is there anyone that didn't know, or at the very least have a hint that this was going on?  C'mon.

I won't go so far to say that Glenn Beck was right when he called President Obama a racist, but Obama since coming into office hasn't done anything to dismiss that opinion.  He got involved in the Trayvon Martin story, the Henry Gates case when he said Cambridge, MA police "acted stupidly."  He makes absolutely no comment on black on white crimes, including a rash of beatings of black youths on whites in "his town" of Chicago of all places. 

Now it comes to light that a Federal court in Washington, D.C. on Monday dismissed the DOJ’s claims that its political appointees did not interfere with the New Black Panthers case.

So, with this, Fast and Furious (which amazes me that the MSM hasn't been covering this story infinitum like they most assuredly would if a Republican administration occupied the White House) not to mention calling America "a nation of cowards," when will the call, nay demand come for Eric Holder to be relinquished of his duties.  Will the Congressional Democrats grow a collective pair and demand an investigation?  Yeah, don't laugh, I was merely being ironical.

Don't worry Libs, the media will try to spin this as a positive for The One as usual.  At the very least, Obama can still throw Holder under the bus as he has proven to do to other allies that end up being a political albatross.  That way, he can keep his losing strategy of blaming other people intact.


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