Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cruz Wins in Texas, How Long will Media Ignore?

Ted Cruz, the underfunded, under-famed grassroots conservative took on the abundantly funded, well-known Texas Lieutenant Governor and won.

Highly due to grass-roots Tea Party support (you know, those smeared Americans that don't defecate on police cars or rape and murder and actually have their own political caucus to get things heard and done?) Ted Cruz easily won a Texas state run-off Senate election against Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst.  Due to heavy Tea Party influence and involvement (and Cruz's crushing victory because of it) how long will the mainstream media try to ignore this story?  And if they do in fact air a 10-second soundbite on it (because it wasn't a media-darling Democrat story that would have wall-to-wall coverage) how much will be stated about Cruz being a like-minded racist just like the party and/or movement that gave him the win?

Yes.  They are that predictable?


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