Wednesday, August 01, 2012

From Bain to Poland, Media Trying Their Best to Smear Romney

Being schooled on the truth about Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital, the MSM is undeterred in their collective dishonesty about Romney's overseas trip and are doing their best to catch insignificant gaffes or simply make them up to replay the tired narrative of Republicans being less than intelligent (of course at the same time totally and categorically ignoring the multitudes of the same from their darling in the White House.)  The reprehensible Andrea Mitchell's recent, dishonest, selectively edited "It's amazing" Mitt Romney clip comes immediately to mind.

Forget about Romney spokesmen chastising members of the press for having no respect for Polish national monuments, or telling disrespectful reporters to "shove it," which is much deserved anyway, the press have their own agenda as usual.  Apparently taking a page out of Ronald Reagan's book on how and when to talk to members of the press who are nothing short of appalling in their treatment of a Republican president or candidate, Romney is being selective with who to grant interviews and when.. The media of course had to pounce on this one, conveniently ignoring the fact Obama is very short on White House press conferences in comparison  to past, modern-day presidents.


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