Tuesday, August 07, 2012

MSNBC's Schultz Shows His Racism again

As much as he tries to camouflage it, MSNBC's Sgt. Ed Schultz is in line to take the racism crown from Al Sharpton and his protege Toure.

Schultz always the one to decry racism at the drop of a hat, yet before that hat even hits the ground he proves his dislike for anyone that isn't his color.  When those he opposes do share the same skin pigmentation, he uses selective, dishonest video editing to make them appear to be haters, a la Rick Perry.

Now Schultz's dislike of non-whites is so evident he has chosen to use the Sikh temple shooting as a means to smear Michelle Malkin (a conservative woman of color) as uninformed. 

White man criticizing a "brown" woman.  According to the left-wing playbook, and especially that of MSNBC, is racism.  End of story. And to further quote a liberal excuse, "this one isolated incident," seeing as how the first "right-winger" has killed people since Timothy McVeigh. Congradulations lefties, you finally have a right-wing lunatic since 1995 that you've been milking for talking points and reason to do away with the second amendment. Two loons in 17 years from the right as opposed to...I can't even count how many lefties in the same time that you tried to persuade the public that they were conservative or right-wing in ideological nature...and failed.


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