Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Job is Governance Not Avoidance, Mr. President

For a guy who likes to give a bazillion interviews with the same controlled and loving questions, then admonishes any reporter that dare asks an actual question about failed policy and decisions, Barack Obama sure likes to hide from the White House press.

In a recent post I mentioned how infrequent his WH press conferences were (and are) between his first day in office throughout his first two years as president (as have many other before and after) and you can bet dollars to donuts that if Obama were a Republican, the press and the Dems would be out of their minds about the president being "cowrdly" and "having something to hide."  Hell, just within the last two weeks, the MSM has vilified Mitt Romney for being "unavailable" to the press-even though he had as many as nine interviews while in Poland alone-yet they don't seem to mind Obama not being in too much of a hurry to explain any recent comments or actions of his own, namely his lack of morality on Romney smears and recent comments of Harry Reid.

Well, Das Wunderkit is at it again.


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