Saturday, August 25, 2012

They Just Don't Want Us to Have Anything

Michael Moore compiles a consortium of out-of-context video clips, selectively-edited internviews (that suposedly what FOX News does on a daily basis, which they hate, but yet the left loves anti-American Moore) it's par for the course and a stroke of brilliance, a "cultural juggernaut" was the description.  But when a conservative film comes along (and God knows there aren't enough of them) it's the left's lack of memory and abundance of hypocrisy that then fills their fingertips as they opine on teir keyboards their reviews of such movies or documentaries.  They did it with An American Carol (which wan't very good anyway) complaining it spit in the face of "real" American values and said it was just right-wing whing at "their view of why "real" Americans doesn't take the right very serious, if you can believe that.  They even they even attempted to "de-bunk" the documentary-style retort to Moore's Faherenheit 9/11, Fahernhype 9/11, which showcases the deceit, wayward "journalism" and dishonest, misleading bias in Moore's "cultural juggernaut ...a film for these troubling times."
They refuse to release Path to 9/11 on dvd and their attacking of the new 2016 and soon to be released Occupy Unmasked, is just like attacking a conservative Michael Moore while having a total lack of comprehension about the irony and hypocrisy of their questions they asked and values they supposedly held. 

Do they even wonder?


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