Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Did He or Didn't He? Or is it Romney's Fault?

I'm not saying the Obama administration deliberately failed to warn the Benghazi consulate of the coming attack on Sept. 11, but like they asked the Bush administration about 9/11, 2001-what did Obama know and when did he know it?  Could it have been prevented, or at least minimized?  What about this alleged 48 hours in advance warning?

I personally don't blame Obama and his people.  Just like Sept. 11, 2001; even with any substantial credible information, I doubt there was any real who, what, where and whens that were not acted upon.  But yet when information leaked about the possible forknowledge of the attacks on New York and Washington, the media and left-wing blogs were on fire about "Bush knew and did nothing."  Of course, that's complete hogwash and the same doubt lingers here.  If Obama had sufficient information to warn American consulate workers (among others) of an oncoming attack and deliberately ignored those warnings, not only is that clear evidence for impeachment, but perhaps even criminal charges would be forthcoming. 

Obama may be a Socialist, an Islamist apologist, a clear-cut narcissist and a shameless liar, but to be totally void of common sense in respect to protecting American lives overseas with intel in hand, that's a bit of a stretch.

On the same topic, so-called Rhodes Scholar and definite useful idiot, Rachel Maddow not only, predictably and without a lick of irony, defended and absolved Obama of any wrong-doing whatsoever.  That's par for the course with Maddow and all the rest of the Obama sycophants over at MSNBC, but in her rush to lie to her tiny audience once again, Maddow may have unintentionally put the blame for the consulate attacks square on the shoulders of President Obama, warranted or not.  The totally amazing part is that she actually tried to blame the one person who had absolutely nothing to do with any of this...you guessed it, Mitt Romney.  Even with just a haze of doubt or blame cast on her hero, Maddow turns into a pathetic, salivating (with her trademark cocky smirk) contemptuous, knee-jerk attack dog.  Yep, it's not the presiden't fault for possibly ignoring or failing to act on intel, it's Romney's fault for simply commenting on it.

Joe Scarborough: If Mitt Romney had kept his mouth shut, if he had not acted like a rank amateur, if he had not embarrassed himself-and by the way internally the campaign understands they screwed up, he's moved on, they know that. But Romney got in the way of the media looking at the president, going, wha-, wha-, what happened here? How did this happen? Now, those questions are going to be asked in the coming weeks. But they weren't asked in the first 24 hours because Romney was holding this horrific, irresponsible, press conference.

But maybe Maddow and her cronies don't have to lift a finger to protect and lie about Obama's four years of failed policies, because apparently the attack on the consolate is not the result of centuries of Muslim hatred towards the West, or even the bombing of Obama-directed drones, but the fault of a single filmmaker, a private citizen,  who told the accurate story of the Muslim prophet. 

"When the world erupted on September 11 and the Obama administration groveled at the feet of our barbarian attackers, the major news outlets — knowing that this was a disastrous turn of events for the Obama campaign which could not be spun in his favor — decided the only solution was to brazenly change the subject to a fabricated peripheral side issue: that Romney had committed some kind of “gaffe” by criticizing the government’s weak-kneed response."

Now as every other time when someone who isn't a raging left-wing lunatic doesn't fall in line with the MSM meme of "Obama the Saviour," that same media machine makes it their mission to publicly destroy said citizen.
Bravo, MSM, bravo. 


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