Friday, September 07, 2012

Obama Convention Speech Fact-Checked

Not by ABC or CBS mind you, you know the "real" fact-checkers.  But regardless, the Liar-in-Chief swerves them again.

As for the often-repeated guts of his speech?  Same ol', same ol'.  He said nothing new.  Nothing.  It's the same tired old lip-service we've heard from Obama for four years at every stump speech, every State of the Union address and every single interview on the economy.

How many new ideas and hope-filled policies did he bring up at the podium with him?  How many fears did he put to rest with his brilliance of new jobs?  None.  Other than to promise more teachers (with bigger unions) more investing in energy independence and green jobs? (with companies like Solyndra?) 

Where was his "forward vision?"

Even CNN Obama-lapdog Wolf Blitzer said he didn't hear anything new.

Is the man who supposed to "stem the tides of the ocean" and "heal the Earth" and who was going to save the world starting to crash back down to reality?  It's okay, his ego will brake the fall.


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