Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Matthews Outed As the Closet Racist He Is; But It's Reagan's Fault

Gingrich takes it to Tingle in his own back yard and tells him exactly what he sounds like on a nightly basis.  Moreover, he pretty much sums up (and what I continue to remind anyone of) what the entire liberal media universe has been heavily attempting to indoctrinate mainstream television viewers with for at least the last 10 years or so.   Matthews, predictably, like all true-blue liberals, doesn't answer the question and flip the question back to Gingrich with (also predictably) the narrative of Reagan was racist.  Surprise!

One...well, not down, but at least owned; several to go.

What the hell does Reagan have to do with Obama?  Other than Reagan being someone else he and people like Tingle can blame their amateurish "governing" of the country and colassal failures on.  Twenty-four years later and they bring up Reagan as a someone to blame Obama's failed policies on?  Oh good Lord.  How emphatically desperate are they?


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