Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reporter Tweets Solyndra Cost Taxpayers $500 Million; No Coverage

Not since June 1st has a televised report about Solyndra or even how one of President Obama's worst political and economic gaffes being involved in it, come from a major liberal network. 

And now that CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller has reported that Mitt Romney's campaign was saying the Obama administration is responsible for "US taxpayers [losing] $500-million underwriting Solyndra loans," where's the relentless questions to Obama about it?  The last time a senator made accusations about a certain presidential candidate, this was taken as an apparent blockbuster story that all the networks (both traditinal and cable) couldn't leave alone if they tried.  Now it's a claim reported by one of their own about a highly signifigant economy-related story (and potentially-or should be-a presidential-ending collapse of judgment) and the media is once again mum.


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