Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wasserman-Schultz Just Doesn't Care

Since the seriously demented gaffe by Republican senator Todd Akin, the left Democrats have been tryng to tie anything they can think of either random Republicans, but especially Mitt Romney, to their old and irresponsibly inacurate meme of "The War on Women."

Especially Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who continually denies any wrong-doing about anything she say and does; usually bold-face lying about it on national television. 
To his credit CNN's Anderson Cooper was able to drive the point to his viewers that Wasserman-Schultz was obviously lying and dishonest when she couldn't. after repeated attempts by Cooper to get her to acknowledge her "error," not only did she never admit the truth, but defended her actions by saying "it doesn't matter.", thus, by her own logic tying the whole Democratic Party platform to smears, lies and wilful ignorance/dishonesty about their opponents.  In other words, lie about whatever you want, screw the American people and their right for the truth, something the Dems claim they fight for, or so they would have you believe in another time, on a another day.


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