Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Matthews Exacerbating That Old Thrill

Chris Matthews is a left-wing loon.  Everybody knows that.  Even his cronies at BSDNC.  But to publicly perpetuate myths that have been proven false many times over already, not only by the DOD, CIA and an admission by the Secretary of State, but by the journal of the very ambassador that the Obama administration failed to protect that was dragged out of the consulate and murdered is even too tin-hat wearing, Kool-Aid drinking for him.

But to an admitted Obama apologist/liar, Matthews totally went over the falls in this one.  The worst part is he sincerely believes this crap like no other; besides perhaps Sgt. Ed Schultz.

Wow.  Just Wow.  This folks, is how the left continues to re-write history; even just a month after the actual events take place.  And those enablers in the press are telling these lies to your children through the social engineering of left-wing doctrines.  Good luck.


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