Saturday, November 03, 2012

First Time? Not Really

You know that add from the Obama campaign which features minor celebrity Lena Dunham that alleges she is talking about sex "for the first time"  that turned out to be about voting for "the right man?"  Well, it appears that The One once again has fooled the sheep on the left into thinking he's some brilliant politician/marketer.  It seems that ad which was hailed by the left-wing media as "refreshing," "new" and "fresh"  is from a Australian political ad from 2010.  Nice try Prez.  At least you fooled your naive base.

See if you can spot the obvious plagiarism that the Dems are becoming ever-more infamous 

And really, if your looking for the "right man" for the "first time," Jay Leno said it right when he quipped, "you may want someone who doesn't need four years to get the job done."

Is there nothing the left doesn't steal and claim as their own?  Except good policies that is.


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