Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MSNBC, Brashir: Good for Obama Campaigning, Boo to Romney for Actually Helping

Martin Bashir, the pet ethnic puppet for BSLSD (the acid network) once again has shown his complete bias and amateurish style of "reporting" by having yet another Obama-sucking sycophant on to agree with everything he says.  This time Bashir's phony outrage was directed at Mitt Romney collecting goods for Hurricane Sandy victims instead of just giving cash directly to the Red Cross.  Apparently President Obama did this the right way, by campaigning and complaining about Romney's generosity.

“All we've seen from Romney and from his surrogates is all kinds of politicizing and misdirection.   I think the American people  can really see...the differences between President Obama and former Governor Romney.”

They sure can.


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