Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Islamists Planned Another 9/11 in U.K; Churches Burned, People Killed in Nigeria

The "Religion of Peace" has three more Hall of Shame member to add to it's hallowed halls (as well as 11 other suspects) as British authorities have captured conspiracists that planned to initiate "another 9/11."  It's great that President Obama went on a world-wide tour of apologizing to radical, murderous Muslims so the complete lunatics that hate the West so much that they would sacrifice their children so that this sort of thing wouldn't happen any more.  It's a good thing near-misses like this are just "peripheral" and simply "bumps in the road."

In an unrelated/but-yet-totally-related-story:

In Nigeria, radical Islamists burned churches and killed at least 31 people in the on-going, but hardly reported War against the civilized man.  Again, it's a good thing they're just following the doctrines of their peaceful, tolerant religion.


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