Thursday, October 25, 2012

Palin Punks Matthews

We all know Chris Matthews of MSNBC shame whines like a little girl, now he just got beat up like one.
Still obsessing over someone who has no influence on Republican policy whatsoever, which may make sense if she were president, Speaker of the House, or, even held any public office.  Yeah, Sarah Palin has been out of office for about four years now and Tingles and the rest of the commune over at BSDNC still find it necessary to pummel her character.  Why I don't know.  Fear I think.  Fear of what influence she has over the powerful (and pretty influential themselves) Tea Party, a movement-no matter what the left may tell you-has made quite the difference for the better in the national political landscape.

Of course, the race-baiting, despicable, highly incompetent Matthews was blowing his racist dog-whistle again when he chastised and vilified Palin for racism (yawn) because she used the phrase, "shuck and jive."  Once again, Matthews must think with his racist side of the brain because apparently that phrase invokes images of slavery, along with other "code words" like "welfare," "food stamps" and "Chicago."  Even talking about the president's school records re taboo as well, as far as Jonathan Alter thinks.
It's become a normal thing nowadays for Matthews to be a race-baiting misogynist, especially abut Palin, but this time the former Alaska governor fought back.

It just never ends with this fool.  Really.  It just never ends.


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