Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Never Ending Ridiculousness

It just never, ever ends with the losers of the left.  Their race-baiting is some sort of Olympic sport.  They seem to be in training year after year, day after day until the big competition is upon them. But the 2012 U.S. elections are over and they're still on their "everybody except us is racist"-especially if you didn't vote for the black man in the White House that has initiated some of, if not the worst, domestic policies in the Union's histories.

But all that is nothing to the "new racism" by Slate's Ron Rosenbaum, who wrote a lazy, ridiculous scribe in 2010 that the geniuses at Slate decided it was worthy for another run; about how if you prefer white meat over black meat while enjoying your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, it clearly means you're a racist.  I kid you not.  This is what passes for journalism at left-wing on-line magazines or otherwise.

Tell me, any liberals out there, that you can find any reason to find this even remotely intelligent.

Breitbart's Warner Huston apparently saw the same reduxed article and took Rosenbaum to task.

Man, I can't wait for the first black Republican president.


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