Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Words

I have no words to describe how utterly sick and pervasive it is that (first, how I knew this was coming, that the left would start the argument after the victory of socially engineering and guilting people into believing gay marriage was "normal" or, in some situations, "optimal," that pedophilia would be made to be believed to be normal as well)

"It's a sickness," the left and their perverted "doctors" will (and now are) say(ing).  "It's normal sexual orientation," no different than gay or straight.  I actually thought polygamy would be made legal eventually because at least that debate dealt with adults.  This society is doomed.  Thanks liberals for tearing families and communities apart from your ivory towers.

Remember the argument that gay marriage will open the door to legalize every other perversion?  How's that defense looking?  That is not to say that gay and lesbian groups should be lumped into this advocacy.  The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual) community rejects approval of pedophilia.  In fact, NAMBLA's website currently carries an article regarding claims made against them by South Florida Gay News.

Children, as if they weren't before, are now open, free targets.  Forget the economy, the Tea Party, Occupy, FOX News versus MSNBC, this is where society officially begins to crumble.

This is all from the mind of twisted liberals, I mean, "progressives."  How much "progress" is made from destroying the innocence of children?  And now they want it normalized and legal.


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