Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Official: The Whole Obama Admin. Lied, Media Helped Cover It Up and No One Is Paying for It

That is, of course, except the families of four dead Americans thanks to the callous, incompetent lies and cowardice of a man and his staff who should never have been in the White House in the first place.  Now no one will have to own up to their brazen lies and incompetence, thanks to the liberal media who, now that Barack Obama is now safely in his "flexible" second term, has pronounced Benghazi a "non-scandal."  What else is new for the MSM?  They have rushed to rescue Obama from any and all Benghazi blame since day one.  Susan Rice was sent onto TV to lie about Benghazi and the White House knew she was going to lie.  With edited or omitted information known to Obama and the White House, she went on national television, at the behest of the Obama administration and lied to America and the world.

What does this administration have to do to see a speckle of justice to show them and their low-brow, uninformed followers that these people who they think are their heroes are not infallible.


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