Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Big Bad President Needs to Defend His 'Damsel in Distress?'

Forget the fact that the next apparent Secretary of State, Susan Rice, is a typical Democrat operator and liar in the vein of Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and of course, Barack Obama, due to her totally opaque tales of Benghazi alone, but the fact that the left's War on Women is so obvious (this is aside from idiot's like Bill Maher, and every other Hollyweird "celebrity" that get their information from said idiot's like Maher) that the President of the United States has to tell everyone "picking on her" about those Benghazi lies to stop.  And this is the woman Obama wants as the face of America overseas?  The same soon-to-be dignitary that is supposed to stare down other foreign leaders?  How is this face of Obama's America, a much publicly weaker America, supposed to command any respect in foreign lands if the president has to hold her hand and giver her a pat on the head with a little "there, there, it's all right now?"

Kirsten Powers is not fooled by it, and moreover, is a little disgusted by the sexism of it all.  One might even suggest a little Democrat misogyny is afoot.

John McCain has thrown a few questions Rice's way (by the way, did you happen to notice the race card wasn't thrown around so easily when Condoleezza Rice was answering Congressional questions about Iraq WMDs?) due to her being the "face" of Benghazi on no less than five panel and/or Sunday morning shows decrying the "fact" that some YouTube video was to blame ("It is about the video.  Everybody knows it's about the video," huh Chris Matthews?  Twit.)

And right on cue, because it's not Allan West or Herman Cain, or even Mia Love, the Black Congressional Caucas has rolled out their tired, yet somehow still effective race card.  Oops.  That right there is racist, right? I mean, McCain must be a liar, right?  I mean he's white, old, rich and a Republican.  See, that's the key right there, you have to be a Republican or conservative to be racist.  But of course, you know that already, don't you?  I'm still waiting for the $100,000 reward that Andrew Breitbart offered for any proof, any proof that any homosexual or racist epitaphs were said that day.  John Lewis, Barney Frank and the lot are disgusting liars!  Whoops, another homophobic and racist slur.  I better be careful.


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