Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Giles: Whites Hate Abortion to "Build Up Their Race"

Imagine if a white conservative pundit had said on national television, "Blacks love abortion because it's killing off the white race."  Well, that's what MSNBC contributor Nancy Giles said on the Mellisa Harris-Perry Show over the weekend.  Actually, she said that "Maybe that's why they're trying to eliminate all these abortions and stuff.  Maybe?  That's creepy."  What's really creepy is that she actually got away with saying this without anyone else present raising an eyebrow.  Not only did not one member of the panel of guests on the show contradict Giles, but no one on the "network" has said anything to the contrary and no media members have taken her to task.

Again, if a Caucasian or conservative had made this comment, we'd have demands for their banishment from the airwaves a la Rush Limbaugh for weeks.  Al Sharpton and "Toure" would be blowing gaskets for weeks.  Wanna-be blacks, racist black panderers and race-baiters like Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz would crank up their usual phony outrage and expose their wanton racism for all to see all under the guise of "equality" or "fairness," but just general pseudo-concern to pander to their white-guilt-laden audience, who they have personally indoctrinated with their collective white-wash of their own historical racism.


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