Friday, November 09, 2012

Black and Hispanic Conservatives are "Window Dressing" according to MSNBC

Another MSNBC pundit, another racist in disguise.  Oh, but you see Joy-Ann Reid is black, so it's ok to be racist.  What?  She was talking about blacks voting Republican?  How can that be racist?  Calling them "window dressing" as others have called them "house niggers" and "slaves" is common practice on MSLSD.  All the excuses in the world are made for Hillary Clinton to mention "code words" as the hypocritical left likes to call them, such as "plantation," or Vice-President Joe Biden to suddenly enact a southern drawl while warning black Democrats about the GOP "putting y'all back in chains."  The very same tactic as street gangs or outlaw motorcycle clubs use when kids are recruited to do their crimes, so does MSNBC roll out their black commentators to defile other blacks who choose not to live in a Socialistic country where totalitarianism rules with no thought to their fellow citizens, contrary to what they claim.  Their actions speak for themselves.  Racism is not hidden by skin color when defiling the same, except when you're a member of the statist crowd.  Al Sharpton, jesse Jackson, Ed Schults, Chris Matthews and "Toure" now have another racist in the MSNBC family.


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