Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bias...What Bias? An Ongoing Saga

Who says the Washington Post is biased?  I mean it's not like they sell their souls to apologize and make excuses for Obama (usually for the same hypocritical reasons they smeared George W. Bush for) and his transparent, Socialist policies.

In yet another example of the left only caring about free speech for themselves and simply lying about anything else that doesn't jive with their collective left-wing ideologies, the cowards at the Washington Post have scrubbed positive reviews of the conservative film Hating Breitbart, not once, but three times.  The film's director Andrew Marcus has been following the despicable attempt by the paper to silence positive reviews and although he was disappointed, but not surprised by the tactic the first time, Marcus has had enough.  So have the fans of the film, based on their reviews and knowledge of the Posts dishonesty.


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