Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I've Wondered That Myself

Have you noticed that when it comes to American military intervention, specifically in Afghanistan, the media couldn't care one iota about the death tolls of American soldiers since Barack Obama has been in office?  It wasn't that long ago when George W. Bush was in office that the MSM couldn't rip him enough about the "soldiers dying every single day" in Afghanistan and Iraq (along with there dreadfully misleading numbers on civilian deaths-why did that 50,000 dead civilian number never go up or down?) So now that "during the last four years in Afghanistan alone, under the leadership of Commander in Chief Obama, US forces have experienced significantly more injuries and deaths than under the entire eight years of President George W. Bush," where is Cindy Sheehan?  Where's Code Pink?  Where's the calling of the president a war criminal and murderer?  Where's the chants of "blood for oil" or "Obama lied, people died?"  Where's the calls for impeachment?  (other than some right-wing sillies demanding it due to his economic policies-which really isn't an impeachable offence, that's what elections are for)

So how does the media report U.S. war casualties?  That depends who's in office.


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